Facts about Cyprus


Cyprus, the island of Beauty and Love, is the third largest and most well-known island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Characterized by many as “cosmopolitan”, the island of Aphrodite is a famous “bridge” that holds a critical geographical position between three continents
An already established member of the Eurozone, the island is a major tourist attraction in the Mediterranean and has a wide variety of options to offer to different people of diverse backgrounds and interests. Whether being local or foreign, travelers should know some key facts about the is


Population: 1.141 million (2013)   Area: 9 251 km² 
Coastline: 648 km   Climate: Mediterranean hot, dry summers and cool winters
Capital: Nicosia   EU Membership: Full member of the E.U. since May 1st 2004 
Currency: Euro   GDP: 21.91 billion USD ‎(2013)
GDP per capita: 25,248.98 USD ‎(2013)   Life expectancy: 79.64 years ‎(2012)
Official Language: Greek, Turkish (English & Russian widely spoken)   Main Airports:  Larnaca, Paphos
Dialling code: 357   President: Nicos Anastasiades
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