Living in Cyprus

Cyprus gives you the time and the freedom to enjoy life at a slower pace within a truly welcoming environment. Small enough to ensure that a new experience is always close by, but large enough to provide attractions for all ages and lifestyles; Cyprus offers every pleasure under the sun (you can even ski in the mountains for two to three months of the year!).
Stretch out on the beach, swim in crystal-clear waters, try every watersport known to man, wander unspoilt nature trails, explore awe-inspiring ancient landmarks. Experience vibrant night life, whether in traditional tavernas, gourmet restaurants, cosmopolitan bars, five-star hotels or stylish clubs. Relax in exquisite health spas or tone up in state-of-the-art gymnasiums, play on world-class golf courses, or simply sit back and watch the world go by…
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The reliable climate, with more than 330 days of sunshine per year, ensures that plans are never compromised by the weather conditions.


Cyprus offers a range of reputable public and private schools, all providing excellent levels of education. The local Colleges and Universities are recognised internationally but for those wishing to further their education abroad, schools following the British Education System, or preparing candidates for entry into Universities in Europe or the United States, are also available.


As an EU Member, Cyprus offers excellent healthcare services in public hospitals, at a cost lower than most other EU countries, as well as in private state-of-the-art clinics and hospitals with an average charge of €40 for a visit.


The crime rate in Cyprus is extremely low in comparison to other European countries, making it one of the safest places to live.

Cost of living

this is the one European country where the relatively ‘low cost of living’ paves the way for a ‘high standard of living’. You can relish in a lifestyle impossible to find elsewhere. 


the strategic location of Cyprus, at the crossroads of the three continents, makes it a favourable place for both business and pleasure. Being at the heart of busy shipping and air routes has not only made the island a major trading post, but also contributed significantly to its growth as a reputable international business and services centre.  

Easy to reach

with over 30 direct scheduled and charter flights now operating to and from Cyprus, getting here is very easy. Connecting services are also available from terminals throughout Europe and the Middle East to the island's two international airports in Larnaca and Pafos.
   Typical flight durations:
   London: 4.5 hours
   Moscow: 3.5 hours
   St. Petersburg: 4 hours
   Kiev: 2.5 hours


Cypriots are renowned for their warm hospitality and approachable nature. It takes no time at all to blend in and get the most out of the relaxing lifestyle. The locals are accustomed to mingling in an international community and will openly express their willingness to engage in friendly banter. 


Greek is the native language, but English is widely spoken. Bilingual signs, menus and official announcements are the norm. Furthermore, Russian is also widely used due to the growing Russian population and increasing number of Russian businesses.


The local cuisine is admired and preferred by many cultures. There are plenty of taverns serving delicious meze, as well as fish taverns by the sea. International cuisine is also offered across the island.


Cyprus is popular for its vibrant nightlife, with a wondrous variety of bars and clubs to meet everyone’s needs, regardless of the age or taste in music. Matching the buzz of popular resorts in the Mediterranean, international DJs, live music, jazz, piano and lounge bars are dotted around the island making it easy to enjoy a full night according to your mood.


The hundreds of miles of coastline in Cyprus provide plenty of choices for swimmers, with more than 50 with the exclusive eco-label Blue Flag award. The sun keeps the sea warm from early April until the end of October.


There is plenty about the island that is unique, including some of its flora and fauna (i.e.: Mouflon, Caretta-Caretta turtles, etc.). Nature trails and action packed days to experience this are always at hand.


in Cyprus there are plenty of activities for all ages and interests: archaeological exploring, hiking, cycling, climbing, kite surfing, and horse riding, golfing…you name it!

History & Culture

Steeped in myth, Cyprus’ 11.000-year cultural legacy is infused with influences from both East and West. Cyprus boasts a stunning variety of ancient monuments, some of which included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Cyprus offers a wide variety of museums showcasing cultural treasures. Furthermore, the island’s art scene is complemented, with festivals, concerts and theatrical productions taking place throughout the year. Film festivals, classical music and opera events as well as international fashion shows are also frequent on the cultural agenda. 
EU Membership
Joining the EU in May 2004 marked a turning point for Cyprus.  Complying with European rules and regulations prompted significant reforms and improvements.


Cyprus has a healthy and robust economy, relying mostly on the services sector. The island has managed to sustain this stability despite the current economic crisis and world recession.

1-2017 gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 3.4%;

2- The International Monetary Fund's IMF's forecast for future growth is: 2.6% year-on-year growth in 2018;

3- various upgrades to the Cyprus credit rating;

4-2017 The number of tourists has increased by 14%.

In the context of strong market performance in 2017, both in terms of transactions and in the growth of new building permits, which continued into 2018, this shows an increase in confidence in the real estate industry.

The interest of foreign buyers has been an important driving force in the Cyprus real estate market.


Cyprus has the lowest corporate tax in Europe of 12.5%. Cyprus has agreements with 40 countries for double taxation avoidance and offers individuals, an extremely low taxation for anything exceeding that amount. 

Residency Permit

anyone who acquires a property for €300.000+ can secure a permanent residency for himself and his family. 
For more information click here. 

EU Citizenship

With the purchase of properties, worth €2 million or more, non-EU citizens are eligible to apply for a Cypriot Passport / Citizenship.
For more information click here.



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