Investment & Joint Ventures

CCS Stylianides Group begins with finding the right opportunity. Our relentless search for the next project never ends, working closely with banks and agencies, we filter through many properties, before selecting the right options for detailed due diligence.

We then build a detailed financial model for every project, allowing us to calculate a maximum purchase price based on the expected level of return and the level of risk involved.
  • Sectors and areas which we understand.
  • Properties and businesses which have inherent advantages over others.
  • A realistic assessment of upside potential. 
  • In-depth financial models including sensitivity analysis and cash flow projections. 
  • A margin of safety on entry price to provide suitable protection against downside risks. 
  • Rigorous analysis of options and opportunities.
CCS Stylianides Group has been involved in many successful joint ventures and has achieved exceptional returns for investors and partners alike. 
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